Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dog Sitting

On Monday and Tuesday we got to watch Bitsy-Jody and Melia's dog. They had to go out of town unexpectedly and asked if we wouldn't mind watching her. Of course this made all the kids very happy:) Except for Nellie. She did not know what to do with such a tiny dog who has a BIG bark. So lets just say we played "musical rooms" for two days. I let one walk around the house for a few hours and then put either Bitsy back in her kennel or Nellie back in our room or outside. It was pretty interesting. At one point Bitsy noticed that Nellie was laying right in front of the door. So she would sniff the door and just start barking like a attack dog. So I would have to move her away.
When Terry came home from work on Monday night she would just bark at him for the first few minutes. But as you can tell from the picture above they became pretty good friends:)

Alina especially liked Bitsy.

Thanks Jody and Melia for trusting us with your little dog:) We had fun!!

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Andrew and Elizabeth said...

sorry I never got on facebook to let you know. glad you found us!