Monday, May 3, 2010

The Season Of Field Trips

Yes, the school year is coming to an end so that means all the grades are trying to get all their field trips in over the next couple of weeks. This past Friday I got to go with Joel to The Battle of Columbia with his Eagles class.
Can I tell you, we had so much fun! This actually was not the reenactment of the battle because they did that this past weekend. But Friday was "Education Day". They had different stations where the kids (and adults) learned what kind of weapons they had; the different kind of uniforms they had; what an average soldier was like during that time. Very interesting things. I believe Joel had a great time too. I do have to say, Joel is growing up. This was the first time where I felt "did I really have to come"? Because the majority of the time he was hanging out with his friends and I was kind of "left behind". But every so often he would look for me and talk with me for a few minutes and then go back to his friends. I guess I better enjoy this because next year is his last year in elementary school and who know if he wants me to come with him then on his field trips:)Anyway, I hope next year our family might be able to go to the actual battle reenactment. I do have to say, it is VERY loud. While we were there they just did a couple of cannon's and guns and let me tell is LOUD!!!  So I can't even imagine what it would be like if you are there for the reenactment. I think the little kids would be scared to death!! Maybe when they get a little older we will have to do that.

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