Monday, May 17, 2010

A Fight With A Wasp!!

Yesterday was  Sunday, so that means church. And since it was the 3rd Sunday of the month I had to work in the nursery during the service. While everyone was trying to get the kids ready to go home, Josiah's teacher comes in and tells me that his class was outside on the playground and he was playing inside the big pirate ship we have. While he was there, he evidently got stung by a wasp-TWICE!! Once on the cheek and once on his hand. He looked so sad:( He was crying and just wanted to stay with me. On the girls I was working with in the nurser, her mom is a nurse. So she went and got her. We put some after-bite stuff on the bites and he seemed to be doing fine. His eye did swell up a little bit. But not too bad. We stopped by CVS on the way home and got him some children's Benadryl and he seemed to be fine for the rest of the day. Then this morning he woke up and I think his eye was about doubled in size!!! Poor kid:( He looked like he had been in a fight. But I don't think it his hurting him. Thank Goodness!  I guess I'll give him some more Benadryl today and keep an "EYE" on it!


kupferschmid said...

The pic looks like a hornet...they are mean suckers! I wish I had some M & M's to give to him. He deserves a whole bag of them. Debby

ThroughAMothersEye said...

Wow! That looks awful. Poor baby!
I hope he is feeling better this evening.
Are you guys free to do the lake thing sometime towards the beginning of June?

Happy Monday!