Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

When I woke up on Sunday I got out of bed getting ready for church (you know how it is on Sunday morning with 4 kids- you get up and get it done or you will be late). But Terry immediately told me to get back into bed so he could get the kids and they could give me their mother's Day present(s). Josiah came running in yelling "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOMMY". And he had a box in his hand. So after everyone piled onto our bed (luckily Nellie was outside) I got to open my card-which they all signed and colored:) and my present. They got me this necklace with four children on it and their bellies are their birthstones. It is so beautiful. I love it. I love being a mom to my four beautiful kids. I am so blessed. God has really given me 4 beautiful children:)

After church we had "Fried Chicken Sunday" for lunch and then after lunch Terry and the kids went to go pick up mom from her house so we could celebrate mother's day at our house and I could make dinner. We had a good time and I think she did too. The kids were excited to see Oma at our house and I am sure it was nice for mom to get out of the house too. After dinner, we all went and sat outside and had ice cream. It was very nice. The kids got to enjoy some ice cream and run around while the grown ups got to talk. Tony and Marlene came over for a few minutes too and got to see mom and hang out. It was very nice and relaxing. It was a nice mothers day!

Having dessert outside-patiently waiting for daddy to pass the ice cream out.

Mother and Daughter.

Josiah & Jesse enjoying their ice cream cone:)

We love playing with Mr. Tony!

Brother and Sister.

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