Monday, June 27, 2011

The Rogers' first EVER yard sale.

About a month ago, we decided to go ahead and have a yard sale with Justin and Raluca. Since they are getting ready move across country, they needed to get rid of some stuff. We decided to go ahead and do it at our house because their house is on the maket right now and we didn't want to take a chance of doing it at their house and then people wanting to come and see the house. So I went through all of our "stuff" and we got rid of some things. I think we calculated we made about $60 not too much but I know that Raluca and Justin made some good money, so it was worth it.
Joel had a watch that he wanted to sell. I have to say, from my personal taste it was a pretty UGLY watch. But he was going to sell it. I think he started with $10 or B.O. Then it went to B.O. Only. Well, it was getting close to about noon and it still had not sold. SO, he brought it down again, to $5.00 "But that is the lowest I will go, Mom". Ok, Joel:) Terry had told him he would give him $2.00 for it. But he was determined to sell it. Then "THEY" drove up. They got out of their car and started looking around. This one guy, picked it up and was very interested. He went up to Terry and asked how much he wanted for the watch so Terry said $3.00. I could not believe it, the man bought it. Joel was very excited about it. I think he did the happy dance in the drive way. Even though he did sell it for only $3. 
Riley and Alina just hanging out and waiting for customers.
 Here is our early morning set up. I thought it looked pretty good.
 Justin had this drum he was trying to sell that Terry "found". He  just loved drumming on it. I think he might have woken some of our neighbors up with it. Ohh, Ohhh!!!
 My "Stud-Muffin" with some cool cowboy boots!!
 The kids decided they wanted to to have a lemonade stand. I don't think they made any money but all the lemonade was gone. Oh well, they tried:)

I say, it was fun. The kids enjoyed it too. Especially Joel. He was the money holder:)

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