Monday, November 1, 2010

Pizza Party & Pumpkin Carving

On Friday, my neighbors Tony & Marlene invited the kids to come over and "Help" them carve their pumpkin (more about that later). So I thought it would be fun to have a little pizza party for dinner and then let the kids let the adults carve the pumpkins. So I made two home made pizza's (Thanks Merry for that wonderful pizza crust recipe) and Marlene also made two home made pizza's. So around 6pm we crossed the Cull De Sac and brought our pizza's over to their house and enjoyed some wonderful pizza and  brownies.We all had a wonderful time at dinner.

 Mr.Tony was on the phone, so he is telling us to be quiet!

After dinner we took our two pumpkins out to the back deck and let the kids let Marlene;Riley and I clean the guts out of the pumpkins. My kids are funny that way, they do not like to get dirty. Except for Riley and maybe Josiah. The other kids were either inside or running around in the back yard. UNTIL....Mr.Tony pulled out the power tools.
I was having a very hard time getting my knife into the pumpkin so he got his saw out and cut the top off. As you can tell from the pictures below, Riley and Josiah helped me clean the pumpkin.

 Jesse tried, but got grossed out by the texture.
 Riley is just LOVING this:)

 After the dirty work was done, we brought the pumpkins back in and started drawing and carving. I really wanted to do ours. But I don't know what was up with our pumpkins...maybe the pumpkins in NC are really hard but I could NOT get into that pumpkin. So Terry had to do it.
Here is Marlene, very serous about her job of carving her pumpkin.

 Finally made a shirt that Joel would actually wear to school. He saw it laying in the living room and said "Oh man, can I have this shirt? It is SO cool".  I am pretty happy with the way it came out too:)

 The final result!

 After we were all done, Mr. Tony gave the kids some lights to play with in the back yard. They had a blast!!

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