Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dam Walk

A couple of weeks ago, my neighbor Tammy and I (and Josiah and Alina) walked the dam here in Lexington. It was such a beautiful day. It started off pretty "crisp" but by the time we were walking back to the car it got to be pretty hot. Both kids did pretty good. Although Josiah was a little scared at first. I think he thought that if he got out of the stroller he would fall into Lake Murray. So at first he just wanted to stay in his stroller. But then he got a bit curious and wanted me to hold him. When we got to the other end of the dam we took some cute pictures of them on the wall and then we walked back. It was really nice but I guess from all the noise and the wind Alina couldn't really stay up so she got a nice little morning nap that day.

Don't they look like a little old couple?

 Josiah holding on for dear life!!



Brantley said...

Those are great pictures! And I am loving your new header picture...although I can't believe Jo-jo took off his hat for it!!!

Justin & Raluca said...

Love the pictures, but I have to say, seeing Alina sitting on that rock made me nervous too:)