Friday, October 29, 2010

Marshmallow Frankenstein.

I came across these cute Marshmallow Frankenstein's on this blog and thought they were so cute. So I just had to make them!! Since I have 3 kids in school that means LOTS of Marshmallow Frankenstein heads...67 of them!!!
I have to say, they were not hard to make just a little aquard. Especially when it was time to figure out how to "transport" them to school. I ended up making boxes for each class and putting them in there. For their faces, I used Wilton's Black Decoration Gel, which I probably won't use again. That stuff looks great on the marshmallow's but I found out that it doesn't really dry. So after being in the fridge for about 3 hours it was still wet. So the idea of putting them in individual little treat bags went out the window. So if I make these again next year, I will probably use chocolate instead of the gel. But they still came out very cute:)

Nellie layed on the kitchen floor the entire time we were dipping marshmallow's in the chocolate. I think she was hoping we would drop something!!

The Final Result!

Thanks craftomania for this great idea. My kids loved them!!!