Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Furniture

OK, so finally I found some time to blog again.(Terry is off this week and he is picking them up from school this afternoon). We got some new living room furniture a few weeks ago and wanted to share some pictures with my family & friends who live far away. (Especially since ONE of my sisters have been bugging me about posting pictures). So...Here they are.
I really didn't think I would like leather that much but I am loving it:) When we were looking for furniture we went to a few stores and really didn't find anything I really liked. We ended up going to Whit-Ash-it was highly recommended by some of our friends. Can I tell you, if you live in the Columbia area and are in need of new furniture, I highly recommend them. They have GREAT prices and wonderful choices.

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Kristen said...

It looks great! New furniture is so much fun!