Thursday, March 25, 2010

Before We Say Goodbye

While driving to church last night, the kids were listening to a music DVD in the car that we use on Wednesday Night for the kids program. Its called Believin' On and its by Jana Alayra The kids LOVE listening to it and it has the words on the bottom so they are really starting to know the words. The very last song on this DVD is called "Before We Say Goodbye" and while we were listening to it, Riley out of the blue said, "If Opa was still alife I would sing this song to him". Terry and I both looked at each other and started to cry. She has such a sweet and loving heart. This morning I asked her again about this song (because I couldn't remember the name of the song) and she again mentioned to me that she would let Opa listen to this song if he was still alive. I said "yes, I wish Opa could listen to it too" and she looked at me and said, "Mom, he can hear it". We all miss Opa a lot and wish he was still here. I do wish he could listen to this song. I tried to find the song on You tube but I can't find it. But I did find the lyrics. So read them carefully. I think that whenever I hear this song now I will have tears in my eyes. I will never listen to it the same way again. Thanks Riley, I love you lots and so did your Opa.

Before We Say Goodbye

Before you go away, at the end of this good day
Do you, do you know the Lord?
Before we say good-bye, let me ask you one more time
Do you, do you know the Lord?

His peace, His forgiveness
His words of truth and life
Do you need, His forgiveness?
Don't let another moment pass you by,
Now is the time

Now is the time, Now is the time
Do you know He loves you? Do you know He's calling you now?
Do you know He loves you? Do you know He's calling you now?

Music by: Ron and Jana Alayra
Lyrics by: Jana Alayra


Brantley said...

How sweet. That brought tears to my eyes also. Thanks for sharing!

Kathye Shiffler said...

What beautiful verses. Thanks for the inspiring words, I love your blog, you have beautiful children God has blessed you!

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