Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home made gifts.

My friend Tirzah had a beautiful girl a few weeks ago. So that gave me an idea of making her something special.
I wanted to spell her name out with some wooden letters and then decorate them. So I took Josiah and Alina to Hobby Lobby to pick out some nice wooden letters and some nice "girly" paper. When I found the paper isle, I just layed all the letters out on the floor and tried to figure out what paper I liked. Luckily one of the workers there came into the isle and asked if I needed some help and she helped me decide on what to do. It was a lot of fun to do.
Then I thought, well...I have to make something for the boys too. So I found this wonderful craft made with the cricut on the "cazy for crafting" blog. I had so much fun making it. I bought a bag of Easter Chocolates at World market and filled it up. Then of course I had to buy a pretty little dress for baby Cora. I found it at Target. (it has little tulips on it to remind her of me:)and some cute little hairbows. Ok, I know...I went crazy. But I wanted to do something special for them-since they are so far away and I miss them:( I hope to be able go visit them sometime soon.


Tirzah said...

i am so glad you posted all this! we loved all of the gifts! thanks Pauline!

Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

Pauline you did a great job with those letters! One of the reasons I love doing projects like these is that you can personalize them so much, so whether you keep them for yourself or give them to someone else, you are truly giving a piece of yourself and it will make them all the more special. I love seeing what other people do and what they like to pick out. I love to know that I helped someone or possibly inspired them. I know that I am constantly inspired by everyone around me and I love "sharing the love" so to speak! If you ever have any questions just give me a holler! Thanks for inviting me over to see your sweet blog!
Take care!

lynn said...

love your projects, pauline! so cute!

Justin & Raluca said...

Your stuff is so cute!