Saturday, October 10, 2009

So life at the Rogers has kind of been at a stand still. On Thursday afternoon around 1pm I got a phone call from the nurse at school saying that Jesse had come in with a head ache and a fever of a 100.1 and I was asked to come and pick him up. He was so sad. I got him home, gave him some motrine and he watched movies for the rest of the day. Since he still had a fever on Friday he could not go to school. I did take him to the doctor because I wanted to get him tested for the flu. The nurse swiped his nose (which tickled like crazy he said) and then had to wait about 15 minutes. Doctor Phillips eventually came back saying the test came back negative but there is a 40% chance of a false negative. And by the way Jesse was looking and feeling he said he was pretty sure he had the flu. So... he had to prescribe us ALL medicine. Can I tell you, getting Tamiflu filled is expensive!!! I think we paid about $300 for all of us to be on this medication. I sure hope it will keep us from getting the flu (FOREVER)!! Although now Riley has a fever. So I guess it doesn't work that well:) Jesse however is feeling better today. I did take his temperature this afternoon and it was back to normal. So I am hoping he will be ok to go back to school on Monday. I am really hoping and praying that Joel is not going to get it. He is very worried about it. I guess he has heared about the people that have died of the swine flu so he has been very worried about Jesse. He asked me yesterday if Jesse is going to be ok. We told him that the people who have died of this flu are people that had very weak immunities and they already had some kind of illnesses. That made him feel a little better.My two boys that are still healthy!

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