Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dropping like flies...

Yes, it is happening again...but this time around it is Jesse. And the funny thing is, his permanent teeth are already there. A few months ago he mentioned to me that his bottom teeth were lose and we were very excited for him. When I took a closer look I noticed that they were already coming in. We started calling him "Shark" since he had two rows of teeth. I have to say, that boy was very brave. The first one I pulled this past Tuesday and he didn't cry. It scared him a little bit especially since it started bleeding a little bit but he did not cry. Then Sunday night I checked his other tooth and it was ready to come out. So I told him to go see daddy and see what he could do about it. He said he didn't want him to pull it. But Terry pulled on it and it came out (with some hard pulling) but he didn't cry and was SO excited. The first thing he said was "NOW I GET ANOTHER TOOTH-DOLLAR BILL"!
Calling Opa & Oma to tell them about his lost tooth!

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Mari Fontana said...

CUTE!!! We miss you guys!