Monday, October 12, 2009

Here we go again...

Trying to get Riley to pull her own tooth. This tooth has been very lose for about 2 weeks now and she has not been wanting to pull it herself. Terry did not want to pull it this time because he wanted her to do it this time. Well, I noticed today that it was almost falling out of her mouth. But she still didn't want to pull it. So we put her down in a chair tonight and told her to pull it or daddy was going to do it. Well, I have to say...she did try. As you can tell from the pictures. I think we spent about an hour working on that tooth and then finally Terry just went ahead and pulled it again. He had to pull pretty hard and she was not too happy about it when he was pulling it but as you can tell from the picture with her "tooth dollar bill" it didn't last very long. I have to say, she looks pretty cute with that tooth missing. I would love for her other tooth to come out soon so she has a BIG hole there. But I don't think that tooth is coming out any time soon.

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brian b. said...

WoW a $2 bill for a loose tooth!
hang on to that $2 bill. I have 2 of them myself!