Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pictures in Review.

OK, life at the Rogers is not boring. It just seems like we have something going on every day/night. I think Mondays and Friday's are probably the only days we are all at home during the week. Tuesday night I have a girls bible study I go to. Wednesday night we have Church's-kids quest. Thursday night Joel has Boy scouts and Riley has ballet class. Yes... she has started a class. She is so excited. My friend Mari told me about this class- $10 a month. You can't beat that. She started about 2 weeks ago and is loving it. Last week Lilli actually came too. Lilli is so funny, I guess when Lilli was about 3 or 4 she had taken a ballet class so while we were driving to the church where they have the class she told her mom (Tammy), "Mommy, I am a professional so I can teach Riley". Tammy told her, "no Lilli, you are not a professional". And she came back with "...but mom, I know how to do ballet so I am a professional". (Funny.)
So while we are hanging out waiting for Riley to finish her class, the boys (Sal, Donovan and Jesse) are in one of the classrooms (in the dark) playing their Nintendo DS. (They do it in the dark because they say "they see better") Now mind you, Jesse does not have one but he loves to look over Sal's shoulder. It is very cute. Thanks Sal for sharing with my Jester!
Here are some pictures of my little ballerina:

Now a couple of weeks ago, my future sister-in-law, Maria had send a "belated" Christmas box for the kids. I had made the mistake of telling the kids about it so for the next week or so they kept asking me "Has the box come in yet". So finally when it did come in they were so excited. Joel ran outside and herded all the kids in to open the box- including Lilli. Well, here are some of the pictures.
Lilli being silly. She was so excited for the kids. I have to say, she did great watching all the kids getting presents!
Thanks Marc, Maria, Valerie and Stephanie. The kids LOVE all the presents:)

So, last week was Valentines day. Riley had to decorate a box for school so she had a place to put all the Valentines day cards in. So instead of getting a shoe box this year, I bought her one of those paper mailboxes they sell at Walmart. They are all white and come with stickers and stuff so you can decorate it. So instead of decorating them with the stickers Riley decided she wanted to paint it. She had so much fun. After it dried she put on stickers and those foam hearts/shapes. She told me that she was the only one that brought that kind of box. It kind of surprised me because those little "mailboxes" have become pretty popular.

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cute pic's...love the balerina ones