Sunday, February 22, 2009


Note: This is not a picture of my kids (just thought it was funny)
OK, so Saturday we decided to give the boys a haircut. So Terry was brave and decided he was going to do it himself. I have to say, he did a GREAT job with Jesse. His hair actually looks like it was done by a professional. I am very happy with the final result. As he was finishing his hair (doing touch ups) he dropped the clippers and they broke. So instead of doing Joel's hair he took him to a place inside Wal-mart and she did a wonderful job on him too. I love Joel's hair short (although he was trying to let it grow out a bit). So while they were at Walmart he went ahead and bought another set of hair clippers so we could give Josiah his first hair cut. So last night after nap/dinner/clean up. We decided to go ahead and give Josiah his first hair cut. No, I don't have any pictures of that because Terry had left the camera at work. But he did great. He was not scared at all. But... Terry decided to use the number 1 guard on the clippers. Yes, NUMBER 1! I know, I know, that makes it really short. At first I though, wow that is going to be really short but then said to myself "Nah, Terry knows what he is doing". I need to learn to speak up when I am in doubt. Well, let me tell you, don't use a number one on a 20 month old. It looks like he is BALD. Poor kid, we have been calling him Q-TIP all day today. I can't complain too much, he got a haircut (which he really needed) and I have to remember, it will grow back. (Hopefully soon). Luckily he is still young and doesn't know any better. Hopefully he won't hate us when he is older!
Enjoy the pictures:)

Here is our little "Q-Tip". Isn't he cute?


Mari Fontana said...

I have to pull out the pictures of sal when we tried to cut his hair around that same age!!! He had an army bald head look too.

Chrissy C said...

Hi Pauline,

Great blog by the way. The haircut thing is too cute.

You asked over at the cricut MB about the baby girl shape card. Just wanted to let you know I used New Arrival. I welded it in Design Studio at 7". Hope that helps!