Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week in review

We decided to have a marshmallow roast in the back yard a couple of weeks ago. The kids had so much fun. It was cold, but we got all bundled up and made hot chocolate and sat by the fire. After we were done, Riley got to have a sleep over at Lilli's. What fun that is. The next morning Lilli and Tammy came over for breakfast. Terry made pancakes and bacon. It was very good. Thanks Terry:)
Our Josiah is getting so big. He has figured out what coloring is. He loves to sit at the table with Riley while she is coloring. So the other day I just had to take some pictures of him coloring. He is really growing up fast. He is 19 months now and also has a big vocabulary now. He loves to walk around the house calling everybodies names, especially the kids.
The Finished Product!
So while Riley and Josiah were coloring in the dining room, Joel, Jesse and Joel's friend Brandon were playing in their bedroom with they lego's. Now that Jesse has his own Lego's he has been building a lot. On Friday (there was no school for the kids) and he played with his lego's all day long.
Now this weekend was a big weekend for the kids. Their uncle Kerry moved right across the street from our subdivision. They are so excited, especially Joel. We can walk over to his house anytime we wanted to. Uncle Kerry has already watched them for us:) We had to go pick up Joel's birthday picture from the mall and he offered to watch them for us. We were nice to him and took Josiah with us, just in case he needed a diaper change. (Hey, we want him to watch them again for us!) So after we got home, we got in the van (I know, we should have walked but it was COLD!) and went to see his appartment. It is pretty nice, except for the smell in his refrigerator/freezer. It is pretty bad. Anybody have any tips on how to get an AWFUL smell out of the refrigerator/freezer? I mean it is BAD!! I believe he said that there is an Arm and Hammer box in there but that is just not going to do it. Any ideas... I welcome them.
Then today after church we invited Callie over for lunch. We like to invite her over for lunch after church, especially on the 3rd Sunday of each month because we do nursery together with her. But today was also her birthday. So we stopped at the Pig and got some fried chicken with some green beans and broccoli salad (which not good at all). And the kids also wanted me to get a cake. So after lunch we found some cake candles, put them on the cake and sang happy birthday to her. We love you, Mrs. Callie and hope you had a nice lunch:)

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Janna said...

SO fun!! I tried to e-mail a birthday message to Callie, and it got returned to me. Do you have her current e-mail address? I'd love to let her know I was thinking about her on her very special day.