Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dank Je Wel, Hooijmans Familie:)

We got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. A box full of Christmas presents from my sister in NL. It was so nice. The kids were so excited. Each present was individually wrapped so they got to have Christmas all over again. Riley got a set of earrings;necklace and a ring. Joel got a PJ set (I think it is a pj set) with a name of a Dutch soccer team on it- which I believe my nephew probably picked out, right Marjolein??? Jesse got a new set of "dutch" perler beads (bet you didn't know those existed, LorriEllen??) and Josiah got a puzzle book. They all loved it.

Heel erg bedankt Marjolein. De kinderen vinden ze allemaal heel leuk. Alleen Joel zijn broek is te groot- hij heeft helemaal geen buik. Maar hij is zelfs met zijn shirt naar school gegaan vandaag:)

Ik heb Lilli haar kado nog niet gegeven maar dat zal ik denk ik vanavond wel doen als haar ouders thuis zijn.
Heel veel liefs aan iedereen. En geef iedereen a "BIG HUG".
Love You,

So this morning while Joel and Riley were at school, Jesse wanted to work on his perler beads. So we make the crocodile. He did it all by himself. I just helped him count the beads and showed him where some of them would go. It is hard!

Poor Josiah, now that school has started again he has to get used to getting up early again. He got his blanket out and his "Gus-Gus" and just layed on the floor.


Anonymous said...

how adorable! bless their little hearts

Toni said...

How totally FUN!!! And the earrings and ring were so pretty. Oh, and the photos of the baby, lol. Soooo precious.

Debby said...

How sweet is your family. I'm sending you an email with some ideas the Fiskateers came up with for the wallpaper. I love your's in my favs now.