Monday, January 26, 2009

My little helper!

It is Monday and you know what that means...LAUNDRY! So after I did about one or two loads this morning I ran out of detergent so we had to go to the store and get some. So after we dropped Jesse off at school we ran into Wal-Mart (well, we spent about an hour in there just looking at "stuff"). So when we got home, Josiah decided to be my little helper. He put all the clothes that were in the washing machine in the dryer, which he thought was so much fun. And then I pushed the hamper by the washing machine and he helped me put the dirty laundry in there. He thought that was a blast. Everytime he put a sock or a shirt in he just laughed. So I had to run and get my camera. So here are are the pictures.


Mari Fontana said...

Too cute! Sorry you won't make it Tues. Night :(
The boys b-days are:
Sal 3-3-00
Donovan 4-27-04
Samuel 5-08-08

Brantley said...

Too cute! Maybe Josiah can train Mason. :) Laundry is my most-dreaded chore!