Thursday, October 30, 2008

Roadrunner Tots program

Today was the first day in about a month since we have been to the Road Runner Tots program at the school. Like I have said in past posts, Josiah has not been feeling too great, just runny nose and a bit of a cough. But I decided to go today. My friend Sheri called me this morning and told me that Mrs. Sallie had called her last night to tell her they were having a costume party this morning. I am glad I found out, because I have a feeling Jesse would have been upset if he showed up without a costume. I let him wear his Batman costume but I didn't feel like puting Josiah's on so he went as "Josiah". They had a lot of fun. I could not believe how many kids there were. I think the final count was 21! They had free play first. Jesse was excited because one of his little friends from his class was there too. (a GIRL!!!) They seem to get along pretty well. Very cute!

They got to make this little art project and listen to a Pumpkin story.
Josiah'sAfter a HUGE snack (they had cupcakes; Jello and cookies. And they also got to take a bag full of candy home), we got to go play on the playground. Mrs. Sallie had two big pumpkins for carving. They had a blast. I have to say, I was surprised by Jesse. He actually wanted to help scoop the yuk out. I know Joel and Riley always just want to watch. Thanks Mrs. Sallie, we had a BLAST!!

When Josiah and I got home, there was this noice coming from the playroom. So I stuck him in his highchair with some cherrios to see if I could figure out what it was (it ended up being the phone). After a few minutes, I come back upstairs to fix lunch for us and I find him sitting in his chair like that.... He had fallen asleep.

Another Picture moment:


Mari Fontana said...

First out with them girls...i don't know about that! LOL He looks like he had fun. And secondly...what kind of mommy are you...put that kid in a bed! LOL

Billie said...

I love all the pictures. The kids look like they had fun. BUT I LOVE the picture of the baby sleeping in his highchair. I have one of Andre and Tara like that too. lol Way too cute.