Thursday, October 23, 2008

Windy Hill Orchard

October 13th was a holiday for the kids so a couple of friends of mine organized a trip to York, SC to Windy Hill Orchard. I think we had about 30 people or so go. It was so much fun. They got to go on a hay ride; stuff a scarecrow; get lost in the sunflower maze and see how apple cider is made. I think they had lots of fun. We brought a picnic lunch and got to eat it there too. They also got to pick either a pumpkin of 5 apples. Joel and Josiah got the apples and Riley & Jesse got the pumpkin. They also each got a souvenir apple sipper.

Since this place was in York, SC I called Merry and she stopped by the orchard to see the kids (and me). It was kind of short but we had fun. It was really nice to see her. It has been too long. The kids were especially excited to see her.

Thanks Merry, for taking a break from work to come and see us:) We love you!!!

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