Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers day

I think we had a nice day today. We woke up, actually on time for Sunday:) And had daddy open his present. The kids and I had made a t-shirt for daddy with "World's Best Dad" on it and then everybodies handprints on it. We also bought him a new Gamecock hat and Joel picked out a new tie for him. I believe he liked all of it:)

Then after church we took daddy out to lunch- Burger King!! After we were done, we drove to Chapin and gave my dad his father's day gift. We also made him a t-shirt with "Worlds greatest Opa" on it and all their hand prints on it. I think he liked it too. I told him it would be a good "Work in the yard" shirt.

After we got home, the grown ups took a nap while Joel played on the computer and Riley & Jesse played the wii. We put Josiah in his room to have some "alone time".

After our "left over" dinner I went for a run and the kids played/watched tv. I think Joel and Daddy played a game of chess. I am not sure who won. My runs are getting better.I actually felt like I could have run some more at the end of my run. I guess that is a good sign. Although I feel like I have been running Week 2 forever. I am hoping to start week 3 next week, although I will be volunteering at the Saluda VBS this week and it is in the pm. So I don't know if I will be running.

I am hoping to post pictures soon. Sunday is Jesse's 4th birthday. We are having a birthday party for him on Saturday. He wanted a "Super Man Pool Party." So we are going to the Wright's house for our pool party. Hopefully we will have fun:)

Have a great week.


ML Hodges said...

Hey Pauline!
I am visiting Amanda Ross in Peru and was helping her set up some stuff on her computer -- and I found your blog!! How FUN! Hope you are doing well! I so enjoyed catching up a little on your life by reading your blog!! Love, Mary Lee Hodges

Toni said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful Father's Day filled with those memories that mean the most; spending time with those we love while we have the time and togetherness to spend it.
p.s. Happy Birthday to your little one.