Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Play Date at the Zueberts

What a fun time we had yesterday. I actually had to take Josiah to the doctor for his 9 month check up and I REALLY didn't want to take all 4 with me. So I asked my friend MaryJo if it was possible for her to watch the other kids while I took Josiah. I am sure they had a blast while mommy was gone. When I got back, Riley, Jesse and Charles were painting and Joel and Philip were playing on the computer. After lunch I put Josiah down for a nap while the kids were playing outside. Now MaryJo and I had some time to "play". She showed me some of her scrap pages she is working on and also showed me some new "techniques". We had a lot of fun. So, since Terry was working late and Gary was out of town, we decided to have dinner together too. The boys were so happy. They don't see each other that often and when they do they have fun:) It is just nice to see them get along so well, they have been friends for such a long time-pretty much since birth. I hope they will be friends for a long time.
MaryJo actually took a lot of pictures of our little "play date" and as soon as I get some copies of them, I will try to post them. She got some really good ones.

Then this morning she called me and told me that she was planning a trip to Adventure with her kids and wanted to take Joel. As you can imagine, he was so excited. He said, "Wow mommy, I am really playing a lot with Philip this Spring Break, aren't I". I was actually thinking maybe going with her and taking all the kids for a fun day. But I think Jesse is very tired from yesterday and had a BIG melt down this morning. I think he spent about an hour in his room just crying and not obeying me. I would go in and talk to him and he would have another fit. So I decided I wouldn't say anything to the kids and just let Joel go. He loves his friend Philip very much and it is probably a good idea for him to have some "alone time" with his friend. Although we probably would have had fun. Oh well, summer is coming and we will have about 3 months of trying to come up with things.

Thanks MaryJo for a great day.

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