Sunday, August 26, 2012

Visting Old Friends

The week before school started we packed the family into the car and drove 12 hours to St. Louis, MO. to go visit Josiah's friend Walter. They moved last December and we decided that it would fun to take a road trip.  We got there on Saturday night around 8pm and the kids were so excited. Josiah jumped out of the van and ran up to Walter and gave him the biggest hug. I wish I had my camera ready but I missed that opportunity

On Sunday we just took it easy. We hung out at the Bianco's house and then around 5:00pm Jody and Melia Van Dyke and their kids came over for pizza. Joel was so excited to see Noah. They just hung out and played basketball and whatever else 12 year old boys do. Joel ended up going home with them on Sunday night and had a sleepover at their house.

Josiah, Walter and Lydia having dessert together:)

On Monday, Angie woke up with a stomach bug. She had planned to go with us to see Jody and Melia at Covenant Theological Seminary and see their new apartment. And then go to the St. Louis Arch. But she ended up staying at home with Hanna while we took Walter with us.

We first went to Covenant to pick up Joel and the Van Dykes. The boys had so much fun together. I think they played video games all night.

Noah and Joel.

Riley and Lydia.
After we got the tour of the apartment they took us on a tour around the campus-which really wasn't all that big but it was nice.
The Van Dykes New Appartment is on the bottom right.  

The Rogers/Van Dyke/Bianco's in front of the CTS sign.
This just melts my heart.
Josiah was SO happy to see his friend. He just wanted to give him hugs or hold his hand. It was so nice to see that even after 8 months of not seeing each other they still had fun together:)
In the student center there was a Dutch flag. So I had to get the kids to stand under it and take a picture. I don't really know what Jesse is doing. But I guess he is trying to be cool. I don't know.
I am wondering if there is a rule...EVERY student center has to have one of these.
After our tour we went back to their apartment and had to decide on where we wanted to go eat lunch. It took us a while to decide but finally decided on "Five Guys Burgers And Fries". After lunch we went to the St. Louis Arch.
Riley, Jesse and I had decided in advanced that we were NOT going up in the arch. Joel and Josiah on the other hand....they were jumping up and down in excitement to go to the very top.
 Here is Josiah waiting in line to go in the elevator.

This is the main reason I did not go to the top...the elevator was WAY too small.  

 Here they are, on the very top looking down on St. Louis.

While they were on top, we (Melia, Lydia, Phoebe, Riley, Jesse, Walter and myself) were down stairs walking around the museum they have.

After we got done in the museum, they had gotten back from the arch. So it was time to go home. We went out the the steps and took some more pictures. We had so much fun.

Thank you Jody and Melia for coming with us that day. I am glad we got to hang out with you guys. 

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Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

MAN! Yall had such a big trip! How fun!! I'm glad to see everyone's doing well! I sure have missed little Phoebe and Lydia in nursery!!