Thursday, March 15, 2012

Member of a team

Yes, its official...Josiah has started soccer this spring. And he is loving it. We have practise every Wednesday night at 6pm. His team is "The Lexington Robins" and it  has kids ages 4, 5, and 6 in it.I believe he is the youngest. But he is having so much fun.Last week they had a scrimmage during his practice and he just followed the group of boys, running after the ball and yelling. 
 The coaches are great. They are coaching at the right level. They play games with them and show them the correct ways to kick. They play this one game called "OUCH". Where the coaches walk around the field and the boys are supposed to take their balls and kick their coaches with the ball. Let me tell you, Josiah thinks that is hilarious. Every time he hits his coach with his ball he just laughs. I guess its a great way to teach them how to dribble.

Here is JoJo. This is him when he is playing by himself. He has a great
imagination. And LOVES to play by himself. I sometimes wonder what
 goes on in his mind.

Practising kicking into the goal.

Pretty Good Form:)

Here is JoJo in his uniform. Ready for his first game.
 I think he looks pretty handsome!
He had his first game this past Saturday.And since I had a prior engagement that I had promised I would help with, I was unable to attend. So needless to say, I did not get to take pictures. I think Terry might have taken some on his phone but that is about it. So I am hoping I will get some next time.
Terry said that he had a lot of fun. You know they don't "keep score" at this age but you know the parents/siblings keep score!!! So, the older kids informed me that his team won...13-0
Pretty GOOD!!!