Thursday, March 22, 2012

How To Play The Wash Board

So while we were at the Hagwood Mill Kids Day, they had a stage with some "Mountain Music". At one point they announced that they were going to have a "class for ALL ages" to learn how to play the Wash Board.

So Terry said he wanted to go up and learn how to play the wash board. As you can tell from the picture below, Joel and Riley were NOT going up on the stage. But Jesse and Josiah wanted to.


It seemed like it took forever for the guy to go over the instructions on how to play it. But they finally started passing them out. I have to say, these two boys look pretty cute with them on:)

 And this one does too:)

I wish you could "see" Josiah's little foot tapping. The guy was teaching them how to tap their foot and play the wash board at the same time. He did pretty good!!!

They had so much fun learning how to play the wash board. Terry said that he had the most fun. He wished I had gone up their with him. But I told him, WHO WOULD HAVE TAKEN THE PICTURES, RIGHT?????

Glad they had so much fun!!!

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