Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad (Opa)

July 22nd would have been dad's 76th birthday. So in honor of him and celebrating his life we got balloons and each of us wrote a little note and released them. We went over to Mrs. Paula's house (my mom's neighbor) and stood on their dock and released them. It actually took a bit longer then we thought because all the balloons were tangled up. So I think we stood there for about 15 - 20 minutes trying to figure out how to untangle them. But thanks to Terry we got it done:) Before we let them go, Terry said a prayer - thank God for Opa's life and all the fun he has had and then we sang Happy Birthday and let the balloons go. We all had fun watching them for a while as they were flying away. Except for mom's balloon - it went a totally different way.

After the release of the balloons we went back home and had dinner together. Mr. Max thought it was fun to get my flip flops from under the dining room table and run to his bed with it. Then when I put mine away, we got Terry's shoe. So after we caught him again, he went and laid down on his new bed and fell asleep.
(I just had to take some pictures).

This is the plant we gave Oma for Opa's birthday. Hopefully it cheered her up a bit:)

How I wish they could be like this ALL the time:)


ruth said...

The love in your family is so evident and so very precious. Love You

Brantley said...

This is so sweet. See you soon...