Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Having fun with Pretzels; Prep Time; Prayer Time and Pee!

On Saturday, while we were eating lunch we pulled out the pretzels. My kids are kind of funny, they are not really crazy about then. Josiah just took them, broke then in half and said "broke, Mommy". But then when I showed them you can write words with them, they all wanted some. Jesse and I wrote his name. Not really sure what Riley is doing with hers and then Joel also wrote his name. Hey, you can teach anything with food!
Jesse doing the "Pretzel Dance".Then Sunday afternoon, I had to get dinner together quickly because I had a meeting at 4:30pm and would not be back until about 6:30pm or so. So during dinner I prepped my meat loaf and potatoes. Since Joel has really started getting interested in cooking, I let him cut the potatoes. He feels so big with that knife!! Can I tell you, these were some GREAT potatoes. I roasted them with some wonderful seasonings. Every body thought they were AWESOME!Before dinner it was time to pray! We let Josiah pray for us. He usually keeps his eyes open so he can see what he has on his plate when he thanks God for his food. But this time I told him to close his eyes and put his hands together. This is what we got... So cute!
Finally, yesterday I thought it might be a good day to start potty training my little JoJo. I really thought he was ready. He has been telling me when he goes. He will even come up to me sometimes and tell me to change his diaper. So I decided to pull out the underwear and see what would happen. Well, let me tell you...I am glad he has a LOT of underwear. He just kept wetting himself. But at the end of the afternoon yesterday he actually told me when he did pee. He didn't do that in the morning. So he was getting more a wear of it. So I had HIGH homes for today. We started early and peed in the potty 2x in the morning (only because I made him sit there for about one hour). But then at one point he peed in his potty so we got a sticker and put our underwear on. And while we were eating our marshmallow he peed again. At that point I decided that we are not ready yet. I am going to wait a couple of months and then try again. I am very proud of him, he did poop in the potty one time yesterday. And instead of getting a marshmallow I let him play the WII. He always wants to play but had he had never do it. So we told him that if he pooped on the potty he would be able to play the WII. Can I tell you, he was so excited. He got to box on WII Spots. He loved it. (See pictures below).So this might help me with the potty training when I start again. Enjoy the pictures.

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ThroughAMothersEye said...

Pretzels are fun and educational! I love it!

We had the same potty experience with Katelyn and I decided to wait a few more months as well. Hopefully next time around they will both be ready!