Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A BIG task...

Ok, so we have been putting it off for too long and yesterday we finally faced it head on....
THE FISH TANK! It was NASTY!!! I have to say, I was pretty proud of Joel, he actually got his hands dirty and helped us out. Joel and my job was to clean the rocks that were on the bottom of the fish tank. I told him that there are probably people out in the world somewhere that pay LOTS of money to have this done to their skin and we get to do it for free:)
Cleaning the fish tank is always an all day task. But we got it done. After we put Nemo back into the fish tank we took a ride of "Fishy Business" and 3 older kids got to pick out 3 new fishes. Jesse got to pick out a sucker fish- one that eats the skum. He named him Batman. Riley picked out a gold fish- it is white with a orange head and she named her Kit after Kit Kittredge. Then Joel picked out another goldfish and named him George-don't really know where he got that name from. They had such a good time picking them out.

Here we go!!!

Ohhh, this is so much fun!

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Mari Fontana said...

WOW...can you come do my tank next?