Monday, April 14, 2008

Snow White Birthday Party

Our little Riley Anne had her 5th birthday party this weekend. She had a lot of fun. She wanted to have a "Snow white" birthday party. I really tried to get her to change it to Cinderella but no way. So I have been working hard to get her party together.
Callie Blackburn came over on Friday night and helped me make the cake. It was a PAIN! I decided to use Fondant this time for the cake because it is supposed to make the cake look really nice. Well, it is PAIN to work with. Callie and I had to run to Wal-mart 2x because I had not bought enough fondant. I have to say, I am pretty happy with the final result.
There were a couple of places that did not look too great but I had made the Seven Dwarfs with my cricut machine ( and had no idea what I was going to use them for. So since there were some "imperfections" on the cake, I put them around the cake. I think they look great:
For the Goody bags I made little purses for the girls and I had colorful lunch bags for the boys. In stead of buying lots of little party toys I decided to just make some cookies and stick them in bags and they enjoyed them. As for birthday party games- I don't really do that. I enjoy seeing the kids just playing together. But since we had a BIG Snow White taped on the door we decided to play "Pin the apple on Snow White". They had so much fun playing that.

Here are some pictures of her friends that came to the party.

Riley & Niki- best friend from school.

Left to Right: Riley, Alivia (from School); Niki (from School) and Emma (best friend from Church).

Lilli-Our Neighbor

Sadi-What a funny face:)
Emma-How beautiful:)

Riley and Charles- the only boy at the party.

The birthday girl
I just love this picture. We took this right before we cut the cake. Isn't she beautiful?

So on Sunday I finally got to make Riley's birthday dinner. She wanted home made pizza again. Both Riley and Jesse helped me make it. It was very good.

This is going to be some good pizza!

Riley & Daddy showing off the pizza.YUMMY, birthday dessert!

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oh amanda said...

so cute! I'm doing a snow white party for my almost 3yo in January! Where did you get that big Snow White on your door?

Your daughter is adorable!