Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Butterfly Release!

 Josiah's 4k class have been watching the life-cycle of a butterfly. They got some caterpillars in the mail and watched them metamorphosis in their classroom. So I told Mrs. Ward that I wanted to be there when they were going to release them. So last Thursday morning I got a phone call letting me know that they were letting the butterflies go at around 10:00am. So I grabbed my camera and went to school.
I got some great pictures of the kids playing together on the playground. Of course when they saw the camera they all wanted me to take their pictures:) I have to say, this picture of Josiah and his friend Cooper is my favorite:)

Group Picture-Being Silly:)

What a pretty bunch of kids

Now it was time to let the butterflies go. We lined up all the kids and Mrs. Ward got one butterfly out at a time. She would put them in her hands and walk down the line for each child to see one.

Some of them stayed on her hand for a few seconds. Others flew away immediately.

The last one she put on a flower and he stayed on it for quiet a little while. I think she walked down the line two or three times. When he finally did fly away, he stayed on a bush right in front of them. It seemed like he didn't want to go anywhere. The kids just loved that.

I think the kids really enjoyed it. And I am really glad I got to be there and watch them release the butterflies. Thank you, Mrs. Ward for calling me and letting me know.

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