Saturday, January 21, 2012

Raking Leaves

We learned that mom has a LOT of oak trees in her yard. It was amazing. We told the kids the day before that we were going to Oma's house to rake her yard. And let me tell you, they were not looking forward to it. And honestly, I really wan't either. But if you saw her yard, it was looking pretty bad. you couldn't even see her drive way or even the grass. So...we told the kids that ALL of us were going to help and that the less we complain the more we would get done. We started raking at 11:30am and the picture above was taken probably about 15-20 minutes into it. We made one big pile of leaves so the kids could jump into it. You know every child LOVES jumping into a pile of leaves. Ok, maybe not EVERY child because Jesse decided that he really didn't want to do that.

I am loving these pictures:)

 Max even came out to help bark at us!

Jesse's job was to take the garbage bags to the side of the road.
He did a very good job.

Max over seeing our job skills.

I had to add this picture so you can actually see SOME of the leaves in the yard. And yes, I told mom to go inside and relax while we raked her yard but she wanted to help too. So her job was to be the pooper scooper.

  Nap Time!!
You get tired from all that raking.

I just had to share this picture.

She's got her daddy's eyes.

I have to say, they all did a wonderful job.There was some complaining but not a lot. They knew we were there to help Oma. It took us about 7 hours but we got it done!!!

77 Bags, 7 hours later and STILL smiling!!!


Brantley said...

I love the pictures of the children in the leaves!

Justin & Raluca said...

That is a lot of leaves! We get tons of leaves here too, but we can just rake them to the street, and they come by with a huge truck and "vaccum" them up. Its pretty cool. The few days before they come the whole street is lined with people's leaves.

Rachel said...

What a wonderful service for your mother. Great job!