Friday, September 16, 2011

Our little wolf.

Yes, we have another scout in our family. Jesse is so excited to be part of cub scouts this year. We went to the Scouting store the other day to get his uniform. He was so excited. Terry and him have been working on his work book and I know he is enjoying it. They other day I found him laying in his bed (during the day!!)  looking at READING his handbook. He was working on memorizing his cub scout pledge and he did. I was SO proud of him. If you know Jesse well, you know that he does not enjoy reading on his own. He will look at pictures for hours but if you tell him to go read a book for fun...that's like pulling teeth for him. So when I saw him doing this, I was SO excited!!!! I have a feeling this boy is going to grow up A LOT this year!!!

Doesn't he look handsome???

My two scouts!!!

What did you say? We are missing one??? No, we are not. I am sad to say, Joel has decided to step down from scouts and go back to his first love-SPORTS!! I have to say, I was a bit sad when he stepped down because he really thought he would go all the way to Eagle scout. But Terry and I wanted to give him a choice and this is what he wants to do right now. Especially since next year, he owill be elligible to play football at school.
So, if you are reading this and put two and two together....we are now selling popcorn!!!
So if you are in need of some awesome popcorn...don't run to Wal Mart. Send us an email and we will get you set up!!!! And then come on back in the Spring, and we will set you up with some awesome Girl Scout cookies!!!!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pirate Birthday Party

In honor of the USC win over the Eastern Carolina Pirates, I thought I would post pictures of a pirate birthday party we were invited to. Enjoy:)

This summer, my friend Angie had a Pirate party for her son Walter. I wanted to blog about it, but honestly totally forgot about it. So...3 months later, here I am blogging-while the husband and oldest son are watching the football game.

I have to say, Angie went ALL out. I think it took her about 3 months to make everything. I think this was probably one of the BEST parties I have ever been too. She went all out.

Since it was a costume party, I figured I needed to make Josiah a little pirate shirt. We had the pants (thanks to Angie and our weekly playdates at her house). I am happy with how it came out. (although not so much after I washed it...but hey, it worked for the party).

 Riley and Jesse didn't want to be left out. So, Jesse borrowed Joel's pirate shirt and Riley wore her bandana. I think she thought it was a "BOY" party so she didn't really want to go all out. But once we got there she really got into it, I think:)

Mike and Angie also got all dressed up. Mike went the extra mile and even wore earings:) He did a great job handing out "loot" to the kids. As you can tell from the pictures, the kids had so much fun. Even the older "kids".

Hanna, the pirate.

"Captain Blue-beard" and his prisoner.


The cake and cupcakes were AWESOME!!! I have never seen a cake like this (in person) before. I loved it!! She used  her cricut for a lot of her decorations. The cricut is awesome:)

These little guys were made from candy melts. AWESOME!!!!

The bottle invitation.

Pirate ships made out of milk cartons.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to the birthday boy!!!

Present Time!!! Walter's grandfather made the "treasure chest" for his birthday. AWESOME!!!!

It is SO hard for kids to sit down and "watch" the birthday boy to open all the presents. They ALL wanted to open them:)

"Which way is north"???

Angie, you AMAZE me!!! You did an awesome job. And can't WAIT to see what you are going to be doing for Walter's 5th birthday!!! 

If you are impressed with Angie's work, and you live in this area and you are interested in "hiring" Angie to decorate your next birthday party. I think she might be interested:)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Celebrating the first day of school.

So after I picked Josiah up from his first day of school, we went over to daddy's work for lunch. We wanted to take Josiah out to eat so he would be able to tell us ALL about his first day of school. When we got to daddy's office, he was not there yet. So Josiah wanted to draw him a picture. He has learned how to write "JoJo" and loves doing it. So he drew some smiley faces and his name. I have to say, he looks pretty cute behind daddy's desk:)

Josiah telling dad all about school.

For lunch we decided to go to the lizard's thicket. They have some good southern food. I think Josiah enjoyed it. Although asking a 4 year old about what he did as school is like pulling teeth. They all have the standered answer, "I don't know"! We did get out of him that he had a snack,grapes, cheese stick and water. But he didn't drink his water because he wan't thirsty. He also went outside and rode bikes. And they were "funny looking" because they had two seats. He wished his friend Walter was at school with him so they could both ride it. And that is about all he told us.

 Josiah and his yummy food:)
Fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and apple sauce. Every childs DREAM lunch:)

 Mommy and Daddy with their youngest school boy.

Getting ready to take daddy back at work.
I am going to have to take every minute in that I get to spend with him this year. Because next year he will be going to school all day long. How can that be??? How can my baby boy already be going to school? He just seems too little. This morning he got up for his second day at school. And he was SO excited that Mrs. Tammy drove him to school. He just looked so little. I made sure I told Riley to walk him to his class. She was excited about that. He loves to be the little mommy.