Tuesday, October 11, 2011

3rd annual apple picking trip

This was our 3rd year in a row to Sky Top Orchard. This year our friends Mike and Angie Bianco went with us. Since Mike is moving to St. Louise in a few weeks and Angie and the kids will be here until the house sells, we thought it would be a fun trip to do together. We had so much fun, and so did the kids:)

Our kids look forward to this trip every year because we pick apples and then I turn them into apple butter. I love making it for teacher gifts. Joel especially likes going so he can climb high into the trees and pick apples.

The Bianco's.

We were trying to get our family Christmas picture BUT...
in every picture, Josiah was making silly faces. So we might have to come up with something else:)

I just love this picture of Josiah. He is having SO much fun.

 Walter and Josiah. They are best friends.

Another one of my favorites. I just found them sitting like this looking at the orchard and mountains.

Another picture I just had to take, this boy does NOT eat fruit! But this day he did!!!

Hanna and Jesse. Jesse loves to play with her.

Hanna also loves Riley (Finally a girl she can play with!)

JoJo giving his "thumbs up" on the Sky Top Apple Cider. That stuff is GOOD!!!

And finally, our annual pictures and the "How Tall This Fall" sign.

We had to keep our pumpkin safe. So the extra car seat in the trunk of the van did that job:)

Ready to go home!
I am so glad we got to this again this year. I have to say, I can't help but think of dad every time we go. The first year we went, he got diagnosed few days later. I bet he would have loved to come with us every year. I am glad our kids will have these memories though when they grow up.
Mike and Angie, thanks for coming with us this year. I am glad we got to do this with our families. Its so great to see our kids get along so well. We love you guys, and we will miss you a lot. But look forward to see what God has in store for you guys.

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Justin & Raluca said...

I was thinking about you, because I'm thinking of making some apple sauce and some crab apple jelly (I have a crab apple tree in my back yard now) and canning it. I can't believe the Bianco's are leaving too. Poor Jo-jo.