Thursday, August 18, 2011

The first day of school.

Yesterday was a big day at the Rogers' household.It was the first day of school. It was especially a BIG day since Joel started middle school. He was so excited but also nervous. He went with us to drop Riley and Jesse off first. I have to say, my kids love going to school. They were all very excited. Jesse got the same 2nd grade teacher that both Joel and Riley had-Mrs. Denny. We asked her if it was OK for him to bring a special cupcake treat for his class to share on the first day of school. So we did (see pictures below).

All packed up and  ready to go!!!

Our Middle Schooler!

Our 3rd Grader

Our 2nd grader.

Jesse with his teacher, Mrs. Denny

Jesse's "Hamburger and Fries" Cupcakes for his class.

Riley with her teacher, Mrs.Sundberg

They all had a wonderful day at school. Joel expecially had a great time. I asked him if he found all his classes ok, and he didn't really answer it. So I am thinking he might have gotten lost a bit:) This is also the first year he has a locker. He said that since he only has 3 minutes to go to his next class.opening  his locker is hard to do., He said that when he is in a hurry he can't open it the first time.I told him that it will get easier:) I can't wait to see what God has in store for all of them:)
Josiah starts on August 31st. Let me tell you, it was heartbreaking to have to remind him that he was not going to school yet. He was so upset:( I have been telling him for a while now but the first thing he said when I told him we were going to take the kids to school, he said "No, I am going to school". Luckily Terry was still home and he got to calm him down:) He is going to have SO much fun this year and I believe he is going to LOVE school. On Monday, we had open house at the elementary school. And we got to see his classroom. He was so funny, he walked in and got SO excited. He ran around the room just taking everything in. He walked up to the sink and just turned it on. He was EXCITED about the sink. I will defently be taking pictures on HIS first day!!!

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