Monday, December 6, 2010

We miss you, Opa!!! & Happy 11th Birthday Joel!

Opa and Riley

I can't believe it, but a year ago today is when dad (aka Opa) passed away. This year has just gone by so fast and its hard to believe he was not there. He wasn't there to celebrate his 50th anniversary to mom.  He wasn't there to see Joel "grow" in school this year. He wasn't there to see Riley learn to ride a bike. He wasn't there to see Jesse's first tooth come out and he wasn't there to see Jojo FINALLY using the potty. These are all little things that have happened in the Rogers household but its sad he wasn't there for that. Sometimes I wish I could just call him up and hear his voice, but I can't. Sometimes I wish I could see him sitting on his spot on the couch with his grand kids and just talking with them. Or seeing him sit on his little stool in his garage listening to his Brazilian music and smoking his cigar. I can't believe it has been a year. I know its going to get easier but we still miss him a lot.
Thanks for being a wonderful Opa.

Today is also Joel's birthday. He turned 11 today. As I look at this picture of him at age 3 I wonder where that little boy has gone. He turning out to be a pretty great little man. God has blessed us with a wonderful "Joopie".
This is what Joel looked like at age 3.
This is what he looks like at 11!!!
For dinner tonight we went to Ryan's-Joel's favorite place to eat. Then after dinner we went home for birthday cake. Terry had hidden his birthday present (gift card) under his piece of cake. So when we cut the cake we would "scoop" the gift card with it. He had no idea.

If you look closely to the picture below, you can see the gift card. 
 So after taking a couple of bites he asked "why is there a piece of paper under my cake"?

Here he figured out it was a gift card

He thought it was pretty cool:)
Here he figured out for how much!!!

This is what he got with it!

Happy Birthday Joopie:) We love you!!!

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