Saturday, April 17, 2010

2011 Tour De France Winner!!!!

For Riley's 4th birthday we started a new tradition- daddy will bring his little Snuggy flowers for her birthday. And can I tell you, she LOVES it. It makes her feel so special.  So once Terry had come home and given her the flowers we put her in the middle of the living room and we let her open her presents (she waited long enough- no school that day and she had to wait for Terry to come home from work to open the presents-which was about 2:00pm I don't know how many times she asked me when Daddy was coming home). So we gave her the present and let me tell you she was very confused and probably a bit disappointed after she opened it...a box of BAND AIDS!!! You could tell she didn't want to be rude or start crying -  So I didn't make her wait too long). So we took her down to the mud room and that's where we put her new......


As you can tell from the pictures she was very excited! So after the excitement we went back up stairs and gave her the rest of her presents- knee pads; elbow pads; gloves and an helmet (I know you people from NL are probably laughing right now but this is what happens when you are married to an American and DRIVE everywhere in stead of riding your bike).
But doesn't she look cute??? Even in all that gear!!!

So we all packed up and drove to the YMCA and Terry gave her a lesson in riding her bike. She did pretty good. The first thing he taught her was how to fall off the bike. She is pretty good at doing that now. She did get the hang of it pretty quickly but I would not say is ready for the Tour De France yet maybe in 2011. She still needs help starting up and can only go in a strait line. But hey, its a start:)


Sheri said...

Wow! She looks so grown up!! :) Glad her birthday was special!! :)

Justin & Raluca said...

I love how you gave her the present, Justin and I are all about surprises and faking each other out with gifts!