Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The 2010 Snow Storm

So Friday night was the night the BIG storm of 2010 hit in South Carolina!!! I know for you Northerners 8.6" is nothing. But down here in the south it is a VERY big thing. The kids got out of school an hour early (it wasn't even snowing yet) but we Southerners have to prepare!!! So around 3:30pm (I believe) it started snowing and it didn't stop until about midnight. As you an imagine we had LOTS of fun Saturdy morning/afternoon. The kids (and adults) ate a quick breakfast and went outside. We all had a BLAST-including Nellie:)


Justin & Raluca said...

These are great pictures, I need to put mine up too. Looks like the kids really liked it and Nellie!

Erika said...

looks like ya'll had a blast!!!!
What fun that was!

Jessica said...

Growing up in SC, I know the importance of not letting a single snow flake go to waste. Looks like you guys put the snow to good use.