Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So, this past weekend my sister Marjolein (who still lives in NL) stopped by our old neighborhood where we used to live in Holland. I have to say, I am so jelouse. Looking at these pictures makes me want to go visit Holland so badly and show my kids and my husband where I grew up and what life is/was like in Holland. While she was there, she took lots of pictures of our old house and also my Oma's old house. The lady that lives in our old house actually came outside to talk to Marjolein and she invited her in (but didn't take any pictures of the inside) and also let her take pictures of the back yard and some of our neighbors house. Enjoy the pictures.

View of our back yard from our neighbor's upstairs.

De Zuiker Fabriek (The Sugar Factory)

Neighbor's houses

Back yard of our house.

Front of the house (still has the ladder on the roof that I used to climb back into my room)

Street name

Oma's house

Church across from our neighborhood


Jess said...

This is such an awesome place!! It's crazy that you grew up there-- that is so neat! Pauline! Why in the world did you need a ladder to climb back into your window?! Did I miss something there? :)

Brantley said...

How interesting! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure life was very different growing up in Holland.

Free Pretty Things For You said...

your so sweet thank you!!
Your in the raffle! :)

Julie said...

awesome pics. i have been to holland! it was magical.

Cindy McVey said...

What a wonderful walk down Memory Lane for you, and what a back yard view!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

Hey there!
Your the winner of the Martha Stewart Cookie cutter set!!!
Please email me your info so i can get that out :)
Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much