Monday, June 29, 2009

Josiah's 2 year old pictures

Last week we went to the mall to get Josiah's 2 year old pictures taken at the Picture people. Can I tell you, I LOVE that place. They do such a great job. I have probably already blogged about this before but I guess I am going to do it again. We have found this one photographer there- his name is Rob and he is just AWSOME (as Josiah likes to say these days). He knows what he is doing and my kids know him now (and he knows them) so that makes things go even quicker. I think with the old kids it takes about 5 minutes to get about 20 pictures and they are ALL great. Josiah takes a little longer because he is still small and is learning. But as you can see from the pictures below he did a great job:)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Crafty Project (don't look Tirsah, if you have not gotten our present yet)

OK, so I wanted to do something special for Jesse's friend Jackson who moved to Tennessee a few months back. Jesse and Jackson really became close friends and the really neat part was that they actually shared a birthday. So before they knew they were moving Tirsah and I had talked about doing a birthday party together. I have to say, I am still very sad they moved away and very sad that the two friends could not be with each other on their birthday. SO... I wanted to give Jackson a special present.So, for his birthday I made him a picture frame with a picture in it of the both of them. I hope he will like it. Jesse also has the same picture hanging on his wall next to his bed. I think he misses Jackson a lot. He talks about him all the time. Hopefully we will be able to work it out so we can go and visit them in July or so. If not then maybe later in the year. I can't believe how FAST the summer is going. It is almost JULY???? No WAY!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Jester turns 5!

Ok, so things have been crazy around here but wanted to post some pictures of my little Jester who turned 5 this past Monday. I can't believe it. He is so excited that he is 5 now and that he will going to 5k this year. (Did you hear that, Mrs. Walsh?)Enjoy the pictures.
Then: June 22nd, 2004

Jesse Skyler Rogers

Born: June 22nd,2004 at 1:42 am.

Weight: 7 lbs. 1 oz. and 20 1/4" long

And look at him now:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Ballerina

Last week Riley had her very first recital. I have to say, she looked so beautiful. They did two little dances and it was so great to see. I am so glad she got to do this and hope and pray Mrs.Pam will do it again next year. If not, we might have to find something else.But I am not going to worry about that yet. Riley did say today that she wishes ballet was not over yet. I guess she really misses it. Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Teacher Gifts...

I have been wanting to post these pictures for a while now but since I had not given them to their teachers yet I had not done it. I didn't want them to see them before they got it. So now that school is over here they are:)

I think they came out so cute. I made one for each teacher and also one for the office staff at RBE. I have really enjoyed my Cricut and LOVE all the stuff I can do with it. I can't wait to do more. I actually came across this idea on the community page. They have so many cute ideas. I hope to come across many more:)