Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers day

I think we had a nice day today. We woke up, actually on time for Sunday:) And had daddy open his present. The kids and I had made a t-shirt for daddy with "World's Best Dad" on it and then everybodies handprints on it. We also bought him a new Gamecock hat and Joel picked out a new tie for him. I believe he liked all of it:)

Then after church we took daddy out to lunch- Burger King!! After we were done, we drove to Chapin and gave my dad his father's day gift. We also made him a t-shirt with "Worlds greatest Opa" on it and all their hand prints on it. I think he liked it too. I told him it would be a good "Work in the yard" shirt.

After we got home, the grown ups took a nap while Joel played on the computer and Riley & Jesse played the wii. We put Josiah in his room to have some "alone time".

After our "left over" dinner I went for a run and the kids played/watched tv. I think Joel and Daddy played a game of chess. I am not sure who won. My runs are getting better.I actually felt like I could have run some more at the end of my run. I guess that is a good sign. Although I feel like I have been running Week 2 forever. I am hoping to start week 3 next week, although I will be volunteering at the Saluda VBS this week and it is in the pm. So I don't know if I will be running.

I am hoping to post pictures soon. Sunday is Jesse's 4th birthday. We are having a birthday party for him on Saturday. He wanted a "Super Man Pool Party." So we are going to the Wright's house for our pool party. Hopefully we will have fun:)

Have a great week.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

One year ago today...

my last baby was born. I have to say, I am a bit sad. He is our last one (unless God has different plans for us!) and it seemed like this past year just FLEW by. He is a year old today!!! WOW, he is getting so big. This past month was a big one for him. We weaned him of formula and now he drinking out of sippie cups- no more bottles. He is cruising all over the place. So I am pretty sure I will be posting pictures of him walking very soon.
Thank you God for bringing little Josiah into our family:)
Since we had a wedding to go to this afternoon, we didn't really have plans for his birthday. Mom and Dad are coming over for dinner tomorrow and we are having the Bond Family and Callie over for dinner tonight. Callie is actually going to help me with his birthday cake tonight. We will be making a Curiouse George birthday cake.

Well, enjoy the pictures of our big boy:) And see how he has grown.

The Many faces of Jesse

I have to say, Jesse is one of a kind. He loves to dress up and do things that our other kids probably would not want to do. Last week the kids were having a sleepover at one of our friends house and evidently dressing up was all he did. He went from one costume to the other. So.... here are some pictures of "The Many Faces Of Jesse".

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pins and Needles...

Last Wednesday was a BIG day for our little Joel. He got his pins taken out of finger. Although the Doctor said it was not going to hurt, Joel said it did!!! He was a bit nervous before he actually took the pins out- I think all the waiting made it worse.

When the doctor finally did come in, it looked like he actually had some pliers. It really didn't take that long and Joel was very brave. He didn't really cry, just yelled Aawww!!! After he was done, they put a splint on his finger and he has to wear that for two weeks. After that he can take it off unless he will be playing rough. We have to come back in a month or so.
Since the school year is almost over (two more 1/2 days) and it is Summer break there are a lot of end of the year programs going on. Like in my previous post I mentioned that Riley had her "Popsicle" party. After they all had their Popsicle, we went back to her class room and they sang some songs for us. It was great.

Then Joel had his little program where they sang songs and then we went back to his class and they did their Animal PowerPoint presentation. They did a really good job.

We also had our last choir presentation at church. Both Riley and Jesse did a couple of songs with the "Wee Worshippers" and Joel did some songs his M&M Choir. It was a lot of fun to watch. I was wondering how Jesse was going to do but he did a really good job. I could tell he was really enjoying himself.