Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saying goodbye is the hard to do!!!

This has been a hard week for the Rogers family. Justin & Raluca started packing up. OnTuesday afternoon I took Jesse and Josiah over to the house to help them pack some more. Justin had already started putting stuff in the Penske truck and Josiah thought that was pretty cool So he would open the front door for Justin and then run up the ramp (to make sure it was safe enough for Mr. Justin to go up with all the boxes). We helped them box some more things up and then I had to leave to pick up Joel and Riley who were at a friends house. So I packed up Jesse, Josiah, Jesse's friend Burton and Nathaneal (because he needed to take a nap and he wasn't going to take a nap at home with people packing things up).We picked up Joel and Riley and some dinner. Went back to our house, ate dinner, packed the kidss back into the car and drove back to the Liles house. By then, the men had closed the truck up and put the "little" truck onto the trailor. We all went back inside and thats when it HIT me...they were REALLY leaving.!!! I could not stop crying. I am going to miss Alina. She has been with me since she was about 3 months old. And its not just Alina, Raluca and I have had a lot fun these past 2 years. We ran our first 5k together. I have never done that with anybody!!! We have become good friends. I really hope we can go and visit them sometime. I have never been to Colorado.

We went back to their house on Wednesday afternoon after VBS. Their house was empty but it just needed to be cleaned. So Jesse and Josiah kept Alina busy and I helped clean bathrooms and finish vacuming. I think we got everything done around 2pm and they ate lunch and drove away at 3pm.
 JoJo and Alina eating a popsicle.
 Just one more hug!!!
 Playing ring around the rosie just one more time.

 Alina and Alex.
 Funny Faces.
 Leslie and Raluca.

Driving out of the neighborhood ONE last time!!!

Goodbye South Carolina! HELLO Colorado!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end -
We are the champions -
We are the champions
No time for losers
'Cause we are the champions - of the world -

OK, so most of you know that I am not much of a sport fanatic but with 4 boys in my family it is bound to happen. And when there is something BIG happening with the Gamecocks then I can get pretty interested. So for those of you who don't know, the Carolina Gamecock baseball team just won the College World Series (CWS)...the second year in a row. So that is pretty big around here. So today the city of Columbia was having a parade in honor of the USC Baseball team. Since Joel had watched all the CWS games this season, I thought it would be fun to take the kids to the parade and let them see the baseball team and their trophy in person. So my friend Angie and I packed up the kids and drove to the USC horse shoe and let the kids play.

Joel decided to take the camera and take a bunch of pictures. So most of the pictures here on this post  are his. I think he did a pretty good job.
Around 11:20am we decided to start walking toward the state house. We got a pretty good spot except there are not many trees or shade on the street. So let me tell you, it was HOT! I think it was about 95 degrees. Since Joel, Riley and Jesse got a spot in the front I let Joel take the camera too. He had so much fun. The parade started right at noon but since I guess you can't have a parade with just 2 floats decided to invite all the beautity queen pagents from each county. It was SO long.
Carolina GameCock Flag flying over the state house.

 But after about an hour of waiting in this heat they finally showed up!

The kids had so much fun. I am glad we got to do this.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blueberry Picking

On Thursday we went to go blueberry picking with Raluca, Alina and  Nathanael. We had so much fun but it was very hot.

Josiah and Alina are ready to pick berries.

I think Alina only picked one berry but ate about 50.

Our bucket of blueberries.
 Riley enjoying her time:)

Joel picking blueberries.

Our group picture.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mohawk Boy!

Ok, so the other day Jesse came up with the idea that he wanted a Mohawk. And Terry thought it was a wonderful idea. So on Monday evening after dinner, he took Jesse down to the mud room and started the transformation. Let me tell you, Jesse was so excited. And so were the other kids (only because they weren't getting it done to them).
 Jesse sitting very still for daddy.

Now we are at the point of no return.

As you can tell, there was an audience.
The final product!!!

He wanted to get it colored in garnet in honor of the Carolina Baseball team. but we couldn't find it in the store. Oh well, maybe next year when they win their 3rd year in a row.