Thursday, October 30, 2008

Roadrunner Tots program

Today was the first day in about a month since we have been to the Road Runner Tots program at the school. Like I have said in past posts, Josiah has not been feeling too great, just runny nose and a bit of a cough. But I decided to go today. My friend Sheri called me this morning and told me that Mrs. Sallie had called her last night to tell her they were having a costume party this morning. I am glad I found out, because I have a feeling Jesse would have been upset if he showed up without a costume. I let him wear his Batman costume but I didn't feel like puting Josiah's on so he went as "Josiah". They had a lot of fun. I could not believe how many kids there were. I think the final count was 21! They had free play first. Jesse was excited because one of his little friends from his class was there too. (a GIRL!!!) They seem to get along pretty well. Very cute!

They got to make this little art project and listen to a Pumpkin story.
Josiah'sAfter a HUGE snack (they had cupcakes; Jello and cookies. And they also got to take a bag full of candy home), we got to go play on the playground. Mrs. Sallie had two big pumpkins for carving. They had a blast. I have to say, I was surprised by Jesse. He actually wanted to help scoop the yuk out. I know Joel and Riley always just want to watch. Thanks Mrs. Sallie, we had a BLAST!!

When Josiah and I got home, there was this noice coming from the playroom. So I stuck him in his highchair with some cherrios to see if I could figure out what it was (it ended up being the phone). After a few minutes, I come back upstairs to fix lunch for us and I find him sitting in his chair like that.... He had fallen asleep.

Another Picture moment:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sick Child...(Josiah)

OK, so I don't know if he is really sick but I can tell he is not feeling too great. He has had a runny nose since last Friday and it is an interesting color off and on. So... this morning, I let Jesse and Josiah watch a movie while I was doing some stuff around the house. I guess time slipped past me because I looked at the clock and it was 11:05am. I had to feed Jesse and send him off to school. So... I run upstairs and there they are both sitting in Terry's chair (just like I left them) but now Josiah is fast asleep on his big brother. What a sight. I immediately told Jesse, "STAY THERE, I have to get the camera....DON'T MOVE"!! It was a very cute picture. I tried to move Josiah to the couch so he could sleep a little longer until it was time to go but that did not happen. I gave Jesse his lunch (cheese crackers) and I guess Josiah wanted some too so Jesse was nice enough to share. I did get some cute pictures though.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Clemson Fan...

This week is Red Ribbon Week at school so every day of the week the kids get to dress up a certain way. Monday was Flip Flop day; Tuesday was favorite team day; Wednesday was westen day; Thursday was Hat/sunglasses day and Friday was PJ day. Tuesday was a big day for our family. Riley wanted to wear Clemson stuff. So I went on a search for a Clemson shirt. I could not find one anywhere. So, I called my friend Sarah and asked if I could borrow one of hers. She was nice enough to let Riley borrow one. I did find a Clemson tatoo and a hear band. So, here are some pictures of our "Clemson Fan"! Joel wore his Thornwell jersey. He was very excited!!

Windy Hill Orchard

October 13th was a holiday for the kids so a couple of friends of mine organized a trip to York, SC to Windy Hill Orchard. I think we had about 30 people or so go. It was so much fun. They got to go on a hay ride; stuff a scarecrow; get lost in the sunflower maze and see how apple cider is made. I think they had lots of fun. We brought a picnic lunch and got to eat it there too. They also got to pick either a pumpkin of 5 apples. Joel and Josiah got the apples and Riley & Jesse got the pumpkin. They also each got a souvenir apple sipper.

Since this place was in York, SC I called Merry and she stopped by the orchard to see the kids (and me). It was kind of short but we had fun. It was really nice to see her. It has been too long. The kids were especially excited to see her.

Thanks Merry, for taking a break from work to come and see us:) We love you!!!

Perler Beads

Wow, what an invention.... We found out about Perler beads this summer when we went to the mountains with my friend LorriEllen and her family. Well, when we came back we had to buy some. Jesse LOVES them. He will sit there for hours and just work on them. Here he has decided to make an apple tree for his teacher. He totally did it on his own. I think he did great:)